Meet Amy

Amy is a yoga instructor, licensed psychotherapist, meditation teacher, writer, surfer, visual artist, and forever a student . Her classes are a blend of gentle yoga, mindfulness, creativity, and psychological awareness and exploration.  She teaches yoga classes with the intention to help students find a sense of calm awareness and spaciousness in their bodies and minds. She places emphasis on focus the breath as an agent of transformation, guiding oneself out of misalignment into mental, emotional, and physical harmony. She teaches mindfulness to bring awareness to old patterns of inhabiting the body and finding the freedom to embody a healthier, more centered ways of being.

Her classes are influenced by her teachers: Swami Santhisprasad who introduced her to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Kundalini Yoga; Sarah Powers for her deep wisdom and insight on Yin Yoga;  Gurmukh Khalsa's teachings on Kundalini and pre-natal yoga; Mary Paffard for her devotion to linking yoga and Buddhism to the environmental and political; Jeffrey Martin for his meditation course on  non-symbolic experiencing; and Tara Brach for her teachings on the Dharma.  

Amy enjoys sharing the practice of yoga with people from all walks of life: pregnancy, elders, cancer survivors, trauma survivors, those looking to relieve stress and anxiety, depression, and restore inner balance.

Please visit for her psychotherapy offerings.