"Amy facilitated a grief workshop that I was able to attend, which offered me a space to explore and continue healing my own losses in a very supportive environment. Amy's mere presence is soothing. With her generosity of spirit and big heart, Amy's grief workshop allowed me to deepen my understanding of the various losses in my life and continue healing my heart, mind, and body in profound ways. Amy offers the space to be with yourself, and all of your complex emotions, without judgment. Her ability to attune and truly hear you are what contribute to her authentic skills as a therapist, and I feel anyone would greatly benefit from working with her." - AK

"Recently I tried a new instructor, Amy, for a restorative class. She focused on neck/shoulders and I was amazed that a chronic pain I've had for the last 10 years dissolved during her hour long class. She is magic." - CG

"Sixty Minutes of total relaxation! Your body & your mind will thank you.  I never knew I needed it until I took this class. You will feel rejuvenated!" - AB

"Shortly after lung cancer surgery to remove part of my left lung, I needed to relax, to stretch, and to begin anew a program of exercise to promote my general well being.  I had attended a single yoga session of Amy’s directly prior to my surgery to help me relax.  I liked it so much that I asked her if she could provide me one-on-one classes at home after the very challenging surgery.  For the last year and a half, Amy’s classes have been instrumental in helping me heal, both mentally and physically.  She adjusts her class to my specific needs from one week to the next.  She provides healing from deep inside.  I give Amy the highest recommendation possible.”  - BK

"She has a gentle healing nature." - MM

"I took Amy's Yoga for stress reduction and it was a wonderful class. Amy is a thoughtful intuitive teacher who guides you into blissful relaxation. Simple restorative poses are possible for even the most beginner student coming to yoga, but it is great for any level. A great idea for a lunch time class to do a reset for the rest of your day." - JQ

"I now look forward to Amy's Yoga for Basic Stress Reduction class to de-stress every Wednesday evening. Amy’s class leaves you less tense, more peaceful and breathing more than thinking. From the start of class she guides you with her soothing voice and wise words into an easy rhythm that puts you in tune with your body. I love how you can request to focus on specific parts of the body that need attention as well. But what I love most is that I learn something new every time I go!" - AS